Ricky x Tara

Six puppies bred by Virginia Woosley , Acres Flats Shelties and Deb Bach , Bach Shelties
AND..They continue to be promising!! Full muzzles, smooth heads ..and more.

They have moved to their new homes.
These three went to their co-breeder at Bach Shelties. Unfortunately, we didn't get updated pictures before they left...They are equally lovely.
Richard is now known as 'Micah' and resides with Kathy Rutter at Ancient Day Shelties. We hope Micah grows into the promise he has as a puppy.
Hopefully, Micah will be in the rings this Spring.
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ClThomas is now owned and loved  by Karen Casey at Cherised Shelties. Lauren is so thrilled to co-own Thomas with Karen, and we all hope that Thomas will be a hit with the judges starting this Spring!
Beauty's new and forever name is Maddy. She lives with Randi Rinehart. Randi will be starting her career as an owner/handler with Maddy, so we hope she has a wonderful time with this lovely girl.
We hope that these three lovelies also grow into the potential they show now.
We will update about their future when we hear from Deb.
Updated picture of one of puppies at Bach shelties:
Mickey at 9 months