Daisy Chain Midsummer Dream
CH Ilemist As You Like It x CH Daval Frangelica
Pictured here at four months
Sammi comes to us through the generosity of our good friend ,Carol Purath, of Daisy Chain Shelties. Sammi is co-owned by Laurelen and Whiteoak Shelties.  She is a lovely girl, and we have great expectations for her. Sammi has a superb pedigree and will be a great addition to our lines. She is still maturing, and we are waiting for her 'new wardrobe'. After she has her new
clothes, she will be out in the ring, and hopefully, making her mama, Carol, very proud!  We are very pleased with Sammi, and looking forward to her " introduction" into the ring. Thank you, Carol, for our "Bewitching" Sammi!
Sammi as a lovely young puppy